The surroundings: nature, art and ancient traditions ...

The area offers many possibilities for excursions at all levels, from relaxing country walks to more energetic trips in the mountains, where one can enjoy stunning views and be in contact with nature. Suggested routes are: Gouta ( m. 1.213 ), Margherita dei Boschi, the artificial lake of Tenarda. Mount Grai (m. 2.013), Mount Pietravecchia (m. 2.038 ), Mount Toraggio (m. 1.973 ) particularly interesting from a faunistic and botanical point of view. Mount Toraggio is connected to the area of Colle Melosa (where one can practise cross country ski-ing) by way of The Alpine Path and The high road of the Ligurian Mountains. One can also travel along the crest of the border France – Italy; the territory is also well known for its considerable karst phenomenon with numerous grottos for lovers of speleology. Stratigically Pigna is well placed in 20 minutes you can reach the beaches of the Flower Riviera and also the Cote d’Azur France, as can the alpine regions with their woodlands, rhodedendro and juniper fields at 2.000 m. and also the possibility of observing royal eagles, harrier eagles and numerous colonies of deer.

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